Music Video Releases

The Empire has a couple of brand new music videos, that will be coming your way very soon... you may already be aware of these if you check the blog. A DD/MM/YYYY video, and one for Bellewoods.

There is a good chance you are going to see the Bellewoods one first... and the DD/MM/YYYY one a bit later as someone may collab on it.

In other news, we need musicians for "Live in Bellwoods" if you are a musician or know one. Please drop us an e-mail!

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because of her jean skirt

Digital Haircut is finally finished, after hours and hours of editing the video is complete!. I do not know how long you will have to wait, but hopefully not too much. But what I can do is share these frames from the video.

Now we begin to work on our next music video "kneel on the apron" by Bellewoods. I hope to have it complete within 30 days. Also don't forget one week from tonight is "My First Art Show" which has turned into my pre-birthday party so I hope a bunch of people can make it. Also the t-shirt party may or may not be happening this year, we are trying to figure out the right date so some great super awesome secret surprise bands can play, but we have had trouble finding a great venue. If you have any suggestions please let us know, but we had a great time last year at the Boat and might just end up there again.

If you are curious about the title of this post just read the lyrics to digital haircut.

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Skull Cube Forever

Sometimes I get to work and log onto youtube, to find that Mike has uploaded a new video. I like these surprises I hope to be able to surprise him soon in such a manner.

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imagine a reality: the DD/MM/YYYY video

The boys in DD/M/YYYY stopped by the empire after a summer tour, with DVDs full of what went down. they planned out something spectacular, and Mike was able to create that with the hours of footage Kyle transfered from the DVD's. here are his efforts.

DD/MM/YYYY - Imagine

we just added all of the work we have done to date, to the youtube account

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