Son There's Only Love

Here is another song from Bellewoods playing at the horseshoe. This song doesnt have a name, and its the second song in the set to not have a name. I really enjoyed both of the untitled songs in this set. Makes me wonder if its because of their mysteriousness but its probably because they are amazing songs. enjoy!

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here goes your one last time

Bellewoods Played at the Horseshoe back in 2009, I can say that like it was along time ago... realistically it was last month. This is officially our first HD upload to youtube. althought the hardcam isnt... its still cool. Please enjoy this wonderful song as much as I do.

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Music Video Releases

The Empire has a couple of brand new music videos, that will be coming your way very soon... you may already be aware of these if you check the blog. A DD/MM/YYYY video, and one for Bellewoods.

There is a good chance you are going to see the Bellewoods one first... and the DD/MM/YYYY one a bit later as someone may collab on it.

In other news, we need musicians for "Live in Bellwoods" if you are a musician or know one. Please drop us an e-mail!

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some young god, bring me your first son

For our sixth installment of "Live in Bellwoods" the wonderful Chris White of Bellewoods, graciosuly played a song for us... AGAIN! Chris accidentally sparked this series of sorts, so we thank him for that, and this one is great. I'm almost sure for every time we do one of these, there is some sort of emergency vehicle on the move in the background. h.e. proudly gives you "To Be Alone."

Look out for a feature music video from the empire, for bellewoods' song "Kneel on the Apron" which is available on the Friends in Bellwoods 2 Compilation.

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Today, later... the man who started it.


i will run like hell

Today we shot our new music video for the song "Kneel on the Apron" by Bellewoods. The video stars my dad, who did a great job acting for us today. I would like to thank the Car family for letting us use their property for the video, it made the perfect scenery.

We are both very excited to finish the video, we will spend most of the day tomorrow editing, as well as getting maybe 3 new live in bellwoods sessions in the next 2 days. Keep an eye on the blog for more updates about this video as well as the still yet to be released DD/MM/YYYY video, and of course the ever growing "Live in Bellwoods" series.

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Tired Heart / Lesson Learned

So here is the video in question from yesterday's post, Chris White of Bellewoods in Bellwoods. The song is called Tired Heart/Lesson Learned, I think it's great, what about you?

Thanks again Chris!

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Bellewoods in Bellwoods

The Empire met with Chris White(Vocals/Guitar) of Bellewoods in Trinity-Bellwoods park last night, and the meeting was great. We luckily had our newly appointed French Interpreter Stuart St. Amant in attendance, in-case any french people came around. Chris was nice enough to play a song for our camera in the park. The lighting was surprisingly OK and his voice was well... I have no words for how good Chris' voice resonated through the trees. Here is a still of the shoot.

For now I need to get a hold of Chris in the digital world to send him the clip before we can release it to the masses. until then, look at the still and listen to their myspace page.

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I would guess that when you hear the word Bellwoods you are thinking of Trinity Bellwoods Park; which is a great place right by my house. From now on when you just hear Bellewoods you should think about the band.

I know that most of you have not had the chance yet to hear them, well now here is your chance they will be playing at the Canadian Corps Legion (201 Niagra St.) tomorrow night (Friday)

The show is five dollars and I personally guarantee that you will enjoy the band. That is of course coming from me, the kind of guy that makes three Rock Plaza Central music videos, I am not saying they sound the same but you could compare them.

If you enjoy great story telling in the music you listen to, i'll see you at the show.

or don't take my word for it and check out the myface page


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