the game of give and take

so the season is here again, hopefully we will have our own videos to share soon enough.


the sis

so today is the day i finished university, it's pretty crazy. but the real news is i will be showing my thesis project this friday at xpace

so if you're free come on by, and hopefully you will be entertained for a few minutes.

see you then.


Tonight, bring out the floodlights

so here are the next two videos from the Murder by Death show on April 16th, at the legendary horseshoe tavern.


Sometimes the line walks you

oh ya.... happy 420!!! even though its a wet one.



Got a fire in your pocket and a switchblade in your boot

Here are the first two Murder By Death songs from the show on thursday.

52 Ford

A Masters in Reverse Psychology

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let's stop the bleeding before it starts

h.e. filmed Murder By Death last night... and boy was it a great show.

stay tuned for postage of footage.


Cursive made it!

Cursive made their debut on letterman a while back... i think they impressed properly.

below are the videos, first the performance on letterman, and then the official video for the song in question

now... for some reason i really dislike cursives videos... they just dont transcend well into visuals for some reason... for me its tim's lip sinking, sometimes it looks too forced... i dont like it, it might just be micheal grodner, cause i dislike every cursive video he has done.

i prefer them live.

i think the empire would do cursive justice if they had us make a video.


h.e. tweets



but its just kyle.

but still.


R.I.P. Takeshi "Sebastian" Morishima

February 05 - April 09

So I did not update the blog about the whole cat foster thing from a while back, it turns out that I was unable to cat Rocco the cat i previously talked about, but I did foster this guy for a month or so, he had been acting very strange the last couple of days and was lifeless and unresponsive yesterday, I had a feeling he would not make it through the night and I was right.

The women who run the program that I fostered him through said that he must have been glad to be able to spend his last weeks with people who cared about him instead of in a cage, so i want to thank anybody who made friends with Takeshi during his short visit to the humble empire house.

I have not decided yet if I am going to foster another one, but I probably will cats are great friends and its hard on my heart for me to think about them being put down or living in the shelter. I would like to foster a dog, but I am not sure if i would be able to take care of both. It was good to know that people were interested in adopting Takeshi, i had 3 calls about people who were thinking of giving him a forever home. One lady was supposed to come and meet him today.

If you are interested or curious about adopting a cat check out the agency's website

here is a link to the available cats

if you can only maybe commit to fostering a cat

check out this blog


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