h.e. skates (with Dallas)

here is the first of many, clips/promo spots for Humble Empire's skate division crew association. Dallas Ives.

if Quiktime wont work, try this:

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h.e. thought.

A man and a woman create a child, with hopes of it growing to become a successful, happy, unique individual. Every choice a parent makes, is for the "best interest" of the child, more often than not, this causes a conflict of said "interest." The child generally will rebel, and not completely consciously, it almost seems as if there is a drive inside. One that will push you towards something, at the time it is unknown, but it is a place of climax... one of ultimate achievement.

This utopia, which may only exist in the mind, seems to manifest itself into many forms, ideas, objects, times, throughout one's life-cycle. Sometimes having simultanious "utopias" of great expectations causing rift's of sorts. Commonly there will be one utopia that will become the highest priority, and will eventually weed out the rest.

This is what we humans, or myself at least seem to be governed by, rather, it is exactly what we live for. For some people it will be a place, for some a person, for others an object... no matter what physical explanation it's given at the time, it all is one feeling. When you encounter that feeling, or find something that feels like a part of that feeling, you very well know it, and if you are unsure, time will prove it to you. When that thing is somehow taken away from you, the way in which your body and mind reacts, will be proof enough of whether or not your thesis on that being your utopia is true.

Today, I struggle with something much like this. With so much of what is true to me, being facts that would in any other situation, lead me astray from this. Instead everything keeps coming back to this being it, being my utopia, or some form of it, at least a stepping stone towards it. Im physically, and mentally trying to leave it, yet some force that is seemingly religious or spiritual, at the least unexplainable by the one who is experiencing it, keeps pulling me back.
it could just be self-induced, and I am simply speaking from a delusional state. But you are everything I have constantly thought about wanting for the past 21 years, and maybe its selfish, but I had it, and now I don't, so it's tearing me up... not knowing what you actually think.

I credit it to my poor communication skills.

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h.e. protests

but nothing like these guys, Stumbling through reddit, I read a wonderful article about South Korean protests. This stuff is insane! seriously please give yourself a treat and read about this, its intense, it puts picketing to shame.... huge shame.
They rip a live pig in half!!!!


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h.e. tubes you.

so I made a youtube account, for h.e. will be making lots of videos, especially live music... Chromeo is up next, where as the rest of the Straight Goods show, will be up and running soon... the link is youtube.com/TheHumbleEmpire but you can just click here and get thurr.

contact us for real soon if you want some shirts, should be grand!!

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h.e. is going to pack bags.

ever wanted to get ready now, and just go?

pack all your things(you need) and just go?

just go!

but where?

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h.e. is on the walls.

I (Kyle) moved into a new place recently... I had wonderful white walls to decorate... and so far I have a good start... I just need to finish some things... and then hang some things. Anyway we are located at Queen St. and Lisgar. its west, and a block west of Dovercourt. so stop by anytime! we would love to see you.

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h.e. is ready

it's time once again for the lovely people (you) of this planet earth, be graced with the presence of h.e. shirts. Now that the website is shaping up, its time you started getting shirts!!! We will be making some really soon... for now tho have a wallpaper!!

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h.e. filmed straight goods (more)

and now round two of Sushi at White Orchid ENJOY!

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