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A big congratulations goes out to the boys of Still Life Still who are celebrating their debut album release this week, they along side boxes and bags, dinosaur bones and the paint movement all kept the crowd at the Horseshoe tavern last night bumping and grinding in the best way possible. Still Life ended their set with an encore of "You should have left me" which is one of my favorite songs, and who ever left early definitely missed out. I just listened through the album this morning and it sounds great, Aaron did a sweet job making the artwork as well. So if you have not had a chance to check out Still Life Still yet go out and pick up the album, it comes with lyrics which is always a nice bonus especially when they are as well written as these songs are.

photo by Stu St.Amant

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Tired Heart / Lesson Learned

So here is the video in question from yesterday's post, Chris White of Bellewoods in Bellwoods. The song is called Tired Heart/Lesson Learned, I think it's great, what about you?

Thanks again Chris!

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Bellewoods in Bellwoods

The Empire met with Chris White(Vocals/Guitar) of Bellewoods in Trinity-Bellwoods park last night, and the meeting was great. We luckily had our newly appointed French Interpreter Stuart St. Amant in attendance, in-case any french people came around. Chris was nice enough to play a song for our camera in the park. The lighting was surprisingly OK and his voice was well... I have no words for how good Chris' voice resonated through the trees. Here is a still of the shoot.

For now I need to get a hold of Chris in the digital world to send him the clip before we can release it to the masses. until then, look at the still and listen to their myspace page.

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"Your brother brought his baby over this morning. He told me it could stand. It couldn't stand for shit. Just sat there. Big let down."

We all have (or had) a dad, and we know the type of shit dad's say. Specifically how amazing the things are.

you don't need a twitter(or a dad) to enjoy this:


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You've Probably Seen This...

But if you havent, its great.

This Isnt a breakthrough in Video Editing or any sort of technological achievement, Its actually a very old technique, just with impecable implications, the treatment of this video must have been spot on, and they do a great job of making me enjoy the entire song and video. Favourite bit? the water dive.

The Empire will be embarking on several video projects, most of them being of the musical persuasion, very soon, in fact, THIS WEEK! It's videos like this that breaths new life into my creativity, its a reminder that you don't have to break the bank, or the process to make something wonderful. Kudos Oren Lavie (he has first director credits) its not often you see a good video directed by the artist.

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I would guess that when you hear the word Bellwoods you are thinking of Trinity Bellwoods Park; which is a great place right by my house. From now on when you just hear Bellewoods you should think about the band.

I know that most of you have not had the chance yet to hear them, well now here is your chance they will be playing at the Canadian Corps Legion (201 Niagra St.) tomorrow night (Friday)

The show is five dollars and I personally guarantee that you will enjoy the band. That is of course coming from me, the kind of guy that makes three Rock Plaza Central music videos, I am not saying they sound the same but you could compare them.

If you enjoy great story telling in the music you listen to, i'll see you at the show.

or don't take my word for it and check out the myface page


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Blood, Sweat and Ears

The Empire recently joined forces with Family Contact to capture a local promotions wrestling event, the DVD is nearly finished and we will be providing a very entertaining commentary track for the matches. Sadly we will not be documenting this weekends show, but hopefully we will be able to join forces again to capture the next wrestling extravaganza.

Check out bsepro.com for more information

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Their Awesome Movie

Our homies at Family Contact are finally premiering, Aaron's masterpiece full length entitled "My Awesome Movie" this month! they are having a cast/crew screening at their mansion tomorrow (Aug 12). With the world premiere August 22nd at Cinecycle, you can find all the details at myawesomemovie.com for now, watch the trailer, and get excited. The empire should be attending both.

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