h.e. has a supplier

yes, by means which will never be spoken or re-visited ever again. Humble Empire has acquired a supplier for shirts!! I know if you are penis-less you will be very excited in personal areas to hear this next bit, We will have proper girl's shirts! yes thats right, no more awkward h.e. shirts if you have a set of baby-feeders, these new shirts will ever so lovingly support your beauties and the colors will be swell!

so stay tuned. an order will be placed very soon.


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h.e. hates snow.

So alot has been going down in the world of weather, alot of shit that is... honestly when will this weather relax and realize that it should be FUCKING SPRING ALREADY, I mean sure its just march now, but seriously We have about had it with winter, and I want to skate.

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