Black Friday is for Lovers

**** UPDATE: Two people got shot at a Toys R Us, the Black Friday Fun never stops! ****

the Associated Press

NEW YORK– A worker was killed in the crush today after a throng of shoppers eager for post-Thanksgiving bargains burst through the doors at a suburban Wal-Mart, authorities said. Read The Star Article

**** UPDATE #2: The Pregnant woman who was rushed to the hospital had a miscarriage. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL! ****

All i have to say is commerce is progress.

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this is awesome clap clap clap clap clap

We can't explain how excited we are!!

January 16th.

cameos to note. "the doggy bounce" and Necro butcher through a barb wire covered Table!

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Keep your eye on the Panther

Definitly visit this site, Pat keeps it up to date, with multiple fun times!

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Super Star (Wars)

Its no secret, we like adidas shoes... mainly the lifestyle selections (ie. superstar, super skate, comptown, gazelle, pro model etc.)

Also like most everyone should, we (as in kyle) love star wars.

I couldn't think of any better two things to combine.

maybe Beer & a Waverunner

in White: "Yoda" in Black: "Vader"

in other words, jedi and sith

*editors note, mike has not seen nor does like star wars

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groundbreaking my butt

So today the empire was denied a music video grant from VideoFACT, we had a great idea for a video for the song N.Y.E. by our good friends Dinosaur Bones.

We got story boards and stuff, maybe we'll share with you guys one day.

but until then enjoy a video from someone who apparently does need money from VideoFACT

but if you ask me, i think he needs to get a real job.


A Humble Animation


mmmm.... turducken

to continue our love for absurd meats

happy holidays.

apparantly you can eat this for christmas dinner, i dunno if its mandatory to have a blood orgy after.. but it certainly seems fitting



Wear what you eat

this one goes out to all the meat eaters.

as you may know eveyone who works at humble empire are vegetarians its an alright way to live. and so we thoroughly enjoy seeing meat, and meat related products.

the beauty of this one is, its not far off from leather.... think about it.