music videos worth watching

so since we are in the music video business kind of, I thought it would be nice to share some that we enjoy, this will probably be an on going thing but probably not.

these videos are both by the singer from the band The Knife, this is her solo project, if you like these then check out the Knife as well, it is pretty similar

both the videos are directed by Martin de Thurah, who as you can see has quite a nice visual style.

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black history munt

So since February is black history month, I figured it would be the best time to share with the blog a series of black wrestler paintings I have been doing for a while now.

this is Kamala the Ugandon giant.

This is Ron Simmons, he was the first black WCW heavyweight champion.
This is Bobo Brazil, he was the first black wrestler to work with a white wrestler in the main event.
This is Bad News Brown, he was promised by Vince McMahon that he would be the first black WWF heavyweight champion but never was awarded the belt. There is yet to be an African American WWF(E) heavyweight champion, the series is meant to draw attention to that.


bored? lonesome? why not save a life?

Here at the humble empire we like to care about things, either people or creature both kyle and I have little warm hearts, just like the people who wear our t-shirts. Anyways, at work today I stumbled across something I'd like to shre with you girls and guys.


This is a blog by a lady who volunteers at Toronto Cat Rescue, I am currently talking with her about adopting a funny looking cat named Rocco who is on the list to be euthanized if he does not get a foster or permanent home soon.

So today I would like to encourage or even suggest to our readers if you find your self living in a space that could use a furry friend please take the time to find a cat who's life you would not mind saving. For those of you who have been to the h.e. head quarters and have had the pleasure of meeting Murray you know how great a friend a cat can be.

I will keep the blog updated about the status of Rocco joining the h.e. family.

Also maybe you do want to help a creature out but cats aren't your thing, I found a turtle shelter today that has turtles for adoption you can check them out here


wall of booty

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Yeah, I've been there...

Our friends at family contact posted a new video on their pootube.

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If you're gonna surf a crowd, surf it like this.

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the addicts get their fix, and the sane get jailed.

Apparantly in Scotland, heroin dealers are protected by the law, and, you can't
fuck with a dealers stash.

I want to stay in Canada.

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let's rant, mousercise and make bended kinks tv!

so every once in a while i like to share the best thing i have seen in a while on the blog, and today is one of those whiles.

there are a bunch of episodes and this is my favorite one so far, if you find any other great ones feel free to tell us.

potty time

i'm probably still dreaming


happy lovers day lovers

it says h.e. loves you

but of course you know that


Move over Lassy... there's a new hero in town

h.e. got a new haircut

nothing more to be said here.

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Lexington Live: Indie Love Radio @ 6:30

Local rock outfit Lexington, will be live on teh internetz tonight!!! They will be giving an interview and rocking out two songs acoustically, hit that banner up top to check em out, and if you like em even in the least, check out the live radio show at Indie Love Radio, Tonight Feb. 12 @ 6:30 our time.

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Live! on the internet

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have you ever dated a guy before: the "for web" edit


Shirt's that h.e. wishes h.e. made: pt.01

you can purchase this here (but you really should buy a h.e. shirt!)

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there's a new botchamania in town


The Panther Starship Mystery



Hump Day Bump

Rather than trying to post something of enjoyable merit, i decided to start with a picture that represents our integrity as much as it possibly can.

some news:

-I hacked my iPhone, so now pictures of Jack Layton will be LIVE video instead

-Its still winter

-we still have shirts to order

-h.e. still loves you

....OH, and I have been playing skate 2 a lil :)

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