Holy Shirt!

here's some more new ones... real fresh.

shout out to my homie Gizmo for modelling.

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another shirt

this is one of my favourite designs.

it has been duplicated once before, and this one is special order. So you wont see it anywhere, you gotta ask for this one.

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Tres Noves Samarretes

The title is Catalan for "Three New Shirts" and thats what your seein.

More to come!!! stay tuned.

shirts are still available at Hometown Skateshop

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and I want my scalps

So I was pleased to find a new trailer for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Bastards. But I was ever more pleased to hear that the soundtrack for the trailer featured the song "I'm coming home" by Murder By Death.
Congratulations to the band for getting this much deserved attention and thanks to Quentin for choosing the band to be featured in his film.

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you should join our club, you and your friend

So today we are starting a new feature on the blog where we share with you videos or songs or stories or anything about a band or artist that we appreciate recommend and would like to work with. Our first feature is Jens Lekman.

Jens is a Swedish musician who writes beautiful songs and sings with a great voice he has released a couple albums and I think is worth your time. The only show I have heard he played in Toronto was at the Music Gallery a year or two ago with Final Fantasy, tickets sold fast and we never asked to film it so I have never seen any documentation. Hopefully next time we will be there to share it with you. Until then check out this rendition of "A Postcard To Nina" If you don't like the Swedish at the beginning you can skip through he does sing in English, but just enjoy either way.

I know that we kind of do this stuff already, but now its an official part of the blog not just random posts. Maybe next time we will have a catchy name for it.

After writing this post I found this great video of Jens playing in a parking lot, this song is "Pocketful of money" and is one of my favorites.

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Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor promotion is returning to Ted Reeve areana for the July 24th and 25th weekend. Wrestling legends Bret Hart and Ric Flair will be in attendance and Lance Storm is coming out of retirement to wrestle that young knock-out kid Chris Hero.

But even if you have never heard of any of those wrestlers I promise you will have a blast, check out my face in the picture below. This is the best entertainment for your dollar no doubt about it.

Tickets are currently 25% off so check out www.rohwrestling.com for all the information you need, I will be sitting second row both nights so hopefully I will see you there.

Photos by Mike Mastrandrea

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here are the pictures of my set up at the outdoor show for all who missed it, and maybe a bit of a reminder to those who did not.

I will be posting details of each paintings in a couple days or so.


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Thank Everyone

I just wanted to thanks everyone who came out to see my work at this years Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, I had a really great time and met some really great people. Special thanks to everyone who bought work, and who had kind things to say. Since it was my first time showing paintings I really had no idea what to expect, and the response I received was overwhelmingly positive.

I have some photos of the paintings and my set up from the show to put up to show everyone who could not make it down, but I am with out internet at home right now and have few minutes during my lunch break to use the internet, but hopefully the situation will be fixed and I can get those photos up soon.

I brought 22 paintings to the exhibit and sold 6, so there are still a bunch left if anyone is interested, and I plan on making some new work as well.

Awesome, thanks again

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happy birthday kyle, thanks for being you

happy birthday buddy, it's party time


happy birthday canada, thanks for being you

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