.h.e. will be playing skate 2

The second iteration of EA's SKATE is being released on the 20th of this month, on the 8th, the demo will be released onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The empire will be waiting online, for that demo to drop.... and once dropped will commence virtual shredding.

One of the new features of skate 2 is the addition of user created graphics, EA released a flash based online graphics creater on their site. You could easily guess whats coming next... Humble Empire graphics for skate 2!!

Im not sure how they are implimenting them, wheter or not you use the site links to get other peoples created content... or if you can even use other persons content, but if you plan to have skate 2, and want to rock virtual h.e. shit, then here are the links to 2 Ive done thus far. (click the photo to visit the page on EA site)

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