Another Birthday Mania Party

click photo for FB event page
We’ve got a very special night planned for our 40th HumbleMania celebration. Katie Monks from Dilly Dally will perform a special acoustic set at midnight, plus we will debut a brand new Live in Bellwoods from the Jessica Stuart Few. But before that we are going to try something completely new, HumbleMania 40 will be a record trading party. The first 20 people to arrive will receive a free record, it may be something you’ve always wanted, or you’ve never heard of. People are also asked to bring any records they are ready to part with or if they have a double that they would like to trade for a different record. Idealy people will trade amongst themselves till they end up with an album they think they’ll enjoy even if it’s just for the cover sleeve.

As always HumbleMania is a pay what you can event so please donate how ever much you’d like.

The fun starts at then, see you then.

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