free as in libre, or how i spent CMW2012 part.02

The daytime was a hard battle to fight after nightly 4am last calls during CMW, but the prospect of the great acts Bobby Kimberley lined up for us is what kept us going. Here is some of my favourites from the 3 day event we had at the Toronto Institute For the Enjoyment of Music.

Ben Caplan

“the show-stealer”

I already was looking forward to Ben Caplan, as he is a beast of a performer, and has the best beard this side of the pacific. What I didnt expect was his smashing (pun intended) performance of “Stranger” that he did on the Institutes Piano. He may have put it slightly out of tune, but he definitly stole the show with this performance, such power from this man that he did not need the support of a microphone and PA. Enjoy this a million times over, it sends chills up my life.


“the perfect start”

Walking up to the Institute on the first day and seeing Andrew Seale out on the sidewalk tuning his banjo gave me the most comforting feeling, that feeling of, I love this guy and his music, what a comfortable start to what will be a hectic 4 days of music. I first heard “We Grew Taller Waiting” at a Music Parlour event and instantly was smitten with it, full disclosure, when I edited the first performance of this song I was in an “interesting” place, and when it finished I had all this liquid on my cheeks… weird. Andrew set the perfect mood for this event, and I only wish more people were jobless bums and the room could have been jammed wall to wall for this deserving perfomance.

Ewert & The Two Dragons

“the lads from far away”

Estonia is somewhere on the planet, right? I mean I could be wrong but I think its on a different continent than ours. What I do know, is that if any other music sounds half as awesome as Ewert & The Two Dragons, than Estonia is poised to be the next Montreal, or some other place that tons of awesome musicians come out of. The chorus of “Jolene” was stuck in my head all day, and is still back there in the mess of the 20+ other bands we filmed. When it comes down to it, if you rock a glock, I’m going to like it. alot.

Jess Hill

“the quirky story-teller”

Self-proclaimed “quirky” Jess Hill is an attention grabbing songstress, as she explained the back-story to “Give Me Your Ghost” she mentioned other known “quirky” songwriters, and she just so happened to name my top favourite female musicians, I mean she mentioned Bjork, thats my girl. Jess Hill’s soft voice has the unique power to silence a room and have everyone waiting patiently, and feeling better about it than ever. You could almost feel the ghost that she claimed wrote the song through her, in a word, Breathtaking.

Royal Canoe

“the jazzy-dancey ones”

Royal Canoe was an act I had never heard before, and they won me over… with their excellent harmonies and shouty chorus’ they had me movin and wishin I knew the lyrics so I could sing-a-long, and clap-a-long and dance-a-long. So I just loved-a-long with their awesome tunes.

Army Girls

“the rad two-piece”

I am always infatuated by a band with very little members, I have always believed that greatness can be achieved with very little ingredients, its the vegan ribs approach, deep fried veggie burgers and BBQ sauce is all you need to make your mouth have a party, but Im getting off topic. I had a short heads up about Army Girls, when the night before at the July Talk show, the wonderful Brock Dale said to me “Army Girls! did they play today?” when someone of that musical caliber is excited about a band, I get doubley excited. I wasn’t let down, their songs stuck with me even still now, I catch myself humming the hook to this song multiple times daily.

Whale Tooth

“the ones that sealed the deal”

Whale Tooth was our final act to play Live Near Bellwoods, It was nice to see these guys and gal after such a hectic 3 day peroid of filming and seeing great music and not sleeping. Their acoustic versions of their songs are fantastic, and I absolutely love what Sep does with just a floor tom. I dont really think I have to mention how amazing Elise’s voice is, her beautiful appearance and energetic performances doesnt hurt her either. With a song about getting older, they proved that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to life. also their songs are straight jams!

Young Lions Music Club

“the real stars”

Bobby Kimberley has been very good to us, I dont think I can name a band that he has lined-up for us that was bad, or even close to not-amazing. If i tried to understand how he does what he does, I wouldnt have any time to edit these videos, let alone clean myself. Im not sure what that means, but the man is legitimately awesome. We really couldnt do what we do, and wouldnt be where we are at without this man. Thanks Bobby.

All in all, every band was fantastic, and if you made it all the way through my terrible writing to here, than you’re even more fantastic… here is a playlist of all the videos from Live Near Bellwoods, enjoy!

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