i’ll sleep when im dead, or how i spent CMW2012 part. 01

CMW came and went like a dream, except without the sleeping part. Whoever’s bright idea it was to make last call 4 am during this festival is both a genius and an asshole. Our schedule was packed with the Live Near Bellwoods (review post coming soon), a New Noise Live shoot, and the task of having many friends playing showcases throughout the city and having wristbands on.

The first day of Live Near Bellwoods was fantastic, not too crazy, just the ease into this madness we needed. Immediately after (technically during) we had to get to Audio Blood Media‘s #ThirstyThursday showcase to film some more friends who just happen to be amazing musicians. The free beer and friendly faces was all we needed, the free shots were just an added bonus.

This line-up was a stellar one and the room was just sweaty enough to make everyone ok with feeling like they just did an hour of hot yoga while doing shots of jagermeister in-between poses. We captured the always entertaining Ben Caplan, the thrash-happy Sandman Viper Command, the uplifting Sydney Wayser, and the “I feel like I either just had sex or am about to have sex” rock of The Balconies. enjoy what we captured in the playlist below.

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