Live In Bellwoods: NXNE picnic v.2011

Humble Empire and Young Lions Music Club are pleased to present to you the second annual Live in Bellwoods: NXNE picnic series.

No wrist bands required.

Each day from 2-5pm, we’ll be hosting a BYO picnic in Trinity Bellwoods, and will have short stripped down acoustic jams by bands performing at NXNE. so bring your blankets and snacks and come out to hear some great music.

With stripped down, acoustic performances by:


4:30 Whale Tooth (Toronto)
4:00 Graham Wright & the Good Times Band (Toronto)
3:30 Modern Superstitions (Toronto)
3:00 Bellewoods (Toronto)
2:30 Zachary Lucky (Saskatoon)
2:00 International Zombies of Love (Toronto)


4:30 The Balconies(Ottawa/Toronto ON)
4:00 Olenka & the Autumn Lovers (London ON)
3:30 Enjoy Your Pumas (Winnipeg)
3:00 Doldrums (Toronto)
2:30 Freedom or Death (Toronto)
2:00 Charlotte Cornfield (Montreal)


4:30 Harlan Pepper (Hamilton)
4:00 Forest City Lovers (Toronto)
3:30 Allie Hughes (Toronto)
3:00 Sweet Thing (Toronto)
2:30 Lake Forest [Will Witwham of Wilderness of Manitoba] (Toronto)
2:00 Slow Down, Molasses (Saskatoon)

Sunday –

4:30 Teenage Kicks (Toronto)
4:00 Megan Bonnell (Toronto)
3:30 Jess Hill (Vancouver)
3:00 DD/MM/YYYY (Toronto)
2:30 Hands & Teeth (Toronto)
2:00 Revelstoke (Toronto)

also – feel free to bring your guitars/shakers/tambourines/flutes/spoons. you never know what can happen!

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