the end of the beginning

Over two years ago our little event was born, and now it’s ready to explode!
We have one last wild night before we put HumbleMania to sleep, so come on out and celebrate with us.
Last year we had an incredible time with our 25th celebration so we decided that very night that we would do the same thing all over again for our 50th
we will have a face painting station set up, to satisfy your creative desires
Nicholas Doubleyou & The B-Squad will help us kick off the closing ceremony with a full fledged rock show in the back room, things will begin early this time to maximize party time. The B-Squad starts at 11:30 on the dot, don’t be late.

Plus we will debut a brand new Live in Bellwoods from Meanwood

and for one last time we will give you the very best all vinyl dance party this planet has to offer.
I’m gettin sad just thinking about it.

Pay what you can
fun starts at ten

oh boy

thanks to everyone who ever made it out to HumbleMania, seriously

check out the FB event for more info

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